It Lives‽

The dissertation is done, the essays are written, and the post-university existential crisis has been neatly swept under the carpet. That can only mean one thing. Yes, Sitting on the Fourth Wall has awakened from its lengthy slumber, and I am returning to seeing a mildly ridiculous number of plays.

Where better to kick that into action, than at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe? I write this, sitting on my bed in the Network of Independent Critics flat, readying myself for a whirlwind week. So come and join me as I resurrect this blog with as many reviews of work for children and families (alongside a few grown-ups shows) as I can fit in for the next six days of Fringe madness.

Now, let’s see if I can remember what a review is.

2 comments on “It Lives‽

  1. Michael Harnett says:

    Dear Saoirse, Welcome back. You might like to know that “THE BOYS” which you reviewed in 2015 will be making a return, opening on the 24th Sept for a three week run at THE VIKING Clontarf with a new director and three new boys joining Kilian Coyle to make up the gang. It would be nice if you could catch it. Regards and best wishes. Michael Harnett

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