The Vaudevillians – Review

Originally published on The Reviews Hub


Tiger Dublin Fringe



The ever reliable Wikipedia says that Vaudeville died in the 1930s, that with the advent of cinema the art form declined and audiences’ voracious appetite for variety waned.  Jinkx Monsoon and Major Scales are here to say otherwise. Frozen alive under an avalanche in the 1920s, The Vaudevillians have thawed out only to find that numerous pop artists have taken their songs and passed them off as their own. The Vaudevillians is their raucous, hilarious theatrical attempt to reclaim their songs.

Monsoon and Scales are a classic comic duo, executing slapstick humour, mischievous word-play and exuberant gags with flair and skill. Playing off their obliviousness to the happenings of the twentieth century, teasing audience members and poking fun at their experience of Ireland, they perform comic routines that confidently tread the line between hilarious and just too far.

Creating an air of sometimes grotesque glamour, Monsoon and Scales perform songs from Gloria Gaynor to 4 Non Blondes and Britney Spears, all in an inimitably energetic and extravagant vaudevillian style. Until you have heard “Toxic” in 1920s style you won’t believe it, but maybe Britney ought to learn to Charleston.

This all-singing, all-dancing duo balance music, storytelling and comedy excellently to build a production that has the audience dancing in their seats while doubled over laughing throughout.