Review – “Swing”

Steve Blount and Janet Moran in Fishamble's Swing, photo by Pat Redmond 10

Fishamble Theatre Company
Dunamaise Arts Centre
1st July 2014

There is no better way to swing into summer than with Fishamble’s sparkling new production “Swing”. I guarantee that this short but sweet show will make you want to dust of your dancing shoes and Charleston!
Janet Moran and Steve Blount excellently portray this hilarious and moving story of friendship. Both capture their main characters, Mae and Joe, to perfection while filling in all of the other characters at the class with ease. From the “amazeballs” instructors to the somewhat intimidating Regina and the homesick Noellia, every character is expertly created. As well as capturing each character, Moran and Blount capture the audience as they engage with them from the moment Mae steps in the door. As she nervously walks in asking the audience “Swing?”, we immediately want to get to know her character. The same goes for Joe who wanders in, bike helmet on, back for more dancing. Both characters are very real, engaging, endearing people.
The characterization is complimented by the smart, funny and touching writing. I don’t think I have ever seen a show produce more genuine belly laughs, chuckles and giggles as this. The balance of physical and verbal comedy, combined with the sweet story makes the production a joy to watch.
This is all topped off with the toe-tapping, heart-warming final scene where Moran and Blount show that alongside being excellent actors, they are quite some movers and shakers too! The upbeat music, simple yet effective lighting and the vibrant performances make this a must-see.

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