Players Review: Café Casablanca

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Righto, let’s get started. What are you talking about this time?

Café Casablanca, an adaptation of the much-loved classic film Casablanca, which was in turn an adaptation of a stage play Everyone Comes to Rick’s. Adapted and directed by Aoife Meagher, Café Casablanca runs in the Players Theatre until Saturday 14th Feb.

Ok, should I go see it, or would I be better off at home consoling myself about my lack of a Valentine with a large tub of ice-cream?

Forget the ice-cream! Come to this tale of wartime romance, friendship, danger and secrets, and I promise you won’t regret it. From Tory O’Neill’s soaring singing as Sam, to David Roper-Nolan’s suave, collected portrayal of Rick Blaine, the cast is excellent. As someone who has never seen Casablanca, I found myself caught up in this thrilling, romantic tale from the moment the show went up.

Hmm, sounds good…

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