Revolver – Review


Sugar Coat Theatre

Theatre Upstairs Dublin


Described as “an imperfect couple’s search for the perfect date,” Seanan McDonnell’s Revolver is a funny and thought provoking piece of theatre that delights in the word-play and gradually growing web of interlocking information that it creates.

This production tells a simple story of two people on a date with “” where they can press a button to reset their date at any point if something goes wrong.  This leads to a cycle of sometimes similar, sometimes wildly different first impressions, conversations and conclusions in the search for the perfect date.  Though the repeated, cyclical nature of the script can sometimes begin to feel repetitive, McDonnell adeptly holds the audience’s attention with clever word-play and sharp one-liners.

Capturing the comic timing of McDonnell’s lines sharply and playing with the script’s theatrical self-awareness, both Colm O’Brien and Charlene Craig as Ben and Bea deliver engaging and entertaining performances under the direction of Matthew Ralli.

Revolver prompts the audience to think on interesting questions about love, honesty, deception and perfection. There is a subtle but definite dark undertone, suggesting an impenetrable, inescapable search for perfection. However, first and foremost this is an hilarious and entertaining piece of theatre that, as the gales of laughter from the audience can testify, is well worth a watch.

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